by Jed R. Wolcott CPA | Treasurer – FVRC

The latest news about the Tavares marina is that the city has settled with their insurance company, and the settlement proceeds are in the County’s bank account. Work on the marina will begin in July, with a target of completion by March 2021. There will be 82 individual boat slips. They are moving the location of the aircraft and boat fuel pumps to the existing short dock.

Tavares has postponed their annual July 4th event, including fireworks, and will try and hold the event on Labor Day Weekend (or later). That is a major annual event for the city, they budget $50,000 for that event. I attended last year, and it was spectacular. There are no current plans for postponing other events, including our November or March events. I asked that specific question of City Administrator John Drury, That could change, because COVID-19 cases are reportedly spiking in Lake County. There are now 1,200 reported positive cases. Lake County has enjoyed one of the lowest number of COVID-19 cases in the state. The virus has had a negative effect on downtown businesses. Koko Bar & Grill (the restaurant in the Key West Hotel building) has closed, and turned in their lease. O’Keefe’s Irish Pub & Restaurant has not reopened. I am in Fort Lauderdale this week. The restrictions here are strong, and are being enforced. The beaches are closed, many restaurants have reopened, but rules are very tight. The police are patrolling, and handing out citations to establishments that are not enforcing the social distancing rules. Violations are costly, starting at around $15,000 per incident. Regards to all, and stay safe!