To: FVRC Membership & Participants
Subject: The 2023 FVRC Spring Thunder Regatta

Registration is now live for the 2023 FVRC Spring Thunder Regatta taking place March17-19th. More information, can be found on the 2023 FVRC Spring Thunder Regatta General Information Page


FVRC Directors

Florida Vintage Raceboat Club

The FVRC organizes and supports 1 event per year in Tavares Florida. This is held March 17th – 19th this winter season. As you can appreciate this is a huge challenge especially due to COVID 19. The event is two days of activity and one of preparation. The biggest challenge in holding our events is you! We need a plethora of volunteers to cover all the many positions that we have. This ranges from patrol boats to gate security and tractor movement of boats. You may wonder about why we need all the volunteers and all the positions but many of these are mandated by our sanctioning body and even more are mandated by our insurance carriers.

We have a long, long list of volunteers positions. If you are willing to volunteer and enjoy some time outdoors, helping us, while at the same time getting the opportunity to watch the boats race please sign in and leave your contact. Send an email to . If you have a preferred position, time or location that helps guide us to putting you in a great spot let us know. You won’t find a better way to see race boats up and close.

Thanks for stepping up to help us out.

Dave Richardson
Race Director

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