The following are announcements resulting from the initial FVRC Board Meeting, held via conference call on Jan. 5th, 2024

The FVRC Club will be maintained with the elected Directors/Officers.

  • Chairman –  Ted Jones
  • Vice Chair –  Mike Muscato
  • Treasurer –  Cindy Keyes
  • Secretary –  Roger Hinsdale
  • Director –  Rayner Blair
  • Director –  Dave Richardson
  • Director –  Rich Luhrs


There will be no FVRC Tavares Event for March, 2024.

Club is focusing on several new Event sites. Ted Jones is visiting a Palm Beach area site w/i next 2 weeks and report.  Next Event slated for Nov. ’24 or March ’25.  Future sites may include additional sites near Pal Beach, 2 lakes near the APBA HQ, Fantasy of Flight, and Miami Marine Stadium.

The FVRC needs a Webmaster to maintain and augment the current site. This site is used primarily to fulfill the Club’s administrative and event registration needs.  It is not intended to duplicate the Facebook Page social media functions.

The Board is searching for a Volunteer to maintain the Club’s Memberships and Event Registrations. This would require working with the Treasurer, so any related financial receipts & payments are handled in a timely manner.  Supplies and programming will be provided by the Club upon request.  Any resulting databases or listings are vital records of the FVRC and for use by the FVRC only.

Communicate at:   Facebook Page = Florida Vintage Raceboat Club            or          Web = https//fvrc.club

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