A quick reminder to all members of the FVRC. The FVRC is seeking nominations for election to the BOD. The following directors of the FVRC will remain in office for the completion of their term ending in November of 2021.
  • Tom Smyth
  • Ted Jones
  • Rich Luhrs
  • Tom Keyes
  • Dave Richardson
The following officers terms are complete at the end of 2020.
  • Jeff Buckley
  • Jean Batronie
  • Jed Wolcott
  • Beale Tilton
Beale will be stepping down.
We will elect 4 members to a 2 year term as officers. Jeff Buckley, Jean Batronie and Jed Wolcott have all agreed to stand for reelection.
In addition Roger Hinsdale and Jamie Smith previous members of the BOD and founding members of the FVRC have been nominated to the BOD and agreed to run for office.
Responses to this “Call for Nominations” are due from the membership (you) within 30 days that being October 16, 2020. Any responses received after that date will be disregarded. Thus far I have not received any further nominations. Please respond should you have inputs.


Dave Richardson