The Florida Vintage Raceboat Club board of directors has elected the following officers for the year 2020 in accordance with the bylaws Article IV

  • Chairman – Dave Richardson
  • Vice Chairman – Jeff Buckley
  • Secretary – Ted Jones
  • Treasurer – Jed Wolcott

There have been no further nominations to then board from the membership. Therefore Ted Jones and Tom Keyes are elected by acclamation. Please join me in welcoming them to the board. At the annual meeting on Saturday November 16, 2019 Roger and Jamie will officially step down while Ted and Tom will begin their term of 2 years.

Your FVRC officers will be;

  • Ted Jones
  • Tom Keyes
  • Beale Tilton
  • Tom Smyth
  • Dave Richardson
  • Rich Luhrs
  • Jean Batronie
  • Jed Wolcott
  • Jeff Buckley

Again per the bylaws your board will select the officers at the next meeting of the board which is scheduled for Tuesday November 7. Your new Secretary will announce the officers as appropriate.