To all FVRC Members

When we looked at our finances in preparation for the March event it was going to be touch and go if we would show green ink or be in the red. As you can appreciate several members kicked in fairly large checks to start the club and some continue to donate to keep us running. It takes something in the range of $14,000 to put on an event. And as you can appreciate from being at our events there are no frills. To offset the actual costs we depend on donations and the revenue from entry fees, memberships and any added support we can garner from the public. We generate about $500 from the fee we charge for the public to enter the pits at lunch.

We have been largely unsuccessful at getting substantial funds from sponsorships but keep working on that. We have recently obtained a grant from Lake County that helps immensely. All this said we would like to see our books capable of running the immediate pending event and the one after that. In other words a solid year of financial backing. This will let us all breath a little easier.

So the point of this message is really three fold. First and foremost, please renew your membership as soon as possible! You can do this on line at with a credit card totally securely. Or you can print out the membership application and send a check via snail mail. We need your support. Secondly, the registration form for the March event will be on line in a week or so. Please get it in ASAP. We are expecting to have overflow pits and are already planning on the expected expansion. Please use a credit card for registration, as if we are forced to cancel the event due to COVID-19 it will make the refund process infinitely simpler. Then the third and last request or in this case more of a plea. Please consider a donation to the FVRC? We are a tax deductible charity so Uncle Sam doesn’t get the full cut of his normal fee. Donations in any amount are appreciated but a few checks for $100 to $1000 would be greatly appreciated.

As always we thank you for being part of the FVRC family.

Dave Richardson – Chairman Florida Vintage Raceboat Club