FVRC Members

You have, I trust, seen the email from APBA HQ and the APBA President Chris Fairchild explaining the financial impacts of COVID-19 on APBA. If not I am asking it be reposted on our web site so you can reference it. In addition there is a letter from Buddy Byers. Please read that as well. Buddy has graciously donated $50,000.00 to APBA as a challenge grant. So if the rest of the members donate a total of $50,000.00 the challenge will be met and APBA will have $100,000.00 to assist us through the pandemic.
With the unanimous consent of the FVRC BOD we are stepping up and putting $1,000.00 against Buddy’s challenge. There are also private donations coming from the BOD members. In addition several BOD members are making a $100.00 donation to the FVRC to help in replenishing our coffers. We invite you as members to give as you are able.
I would hope that other APBA Clubs and members will also give generously.
Looking forward to seeing you all at our March 2021 event.
Dave Richardson


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