How we started.

The Florida Vintage Raceboat Club (FVRC) is sanctioned by the American Powerboat Association (APBA) to hold Vintage & Historic race boat events in Florida, South and North Carolina. This sanctioning organization provides guidance for holding Vintage raceboat demonstrations, Inboard and Outboard boat Safety Inspections, Driver Physical Exams, Club By-Laws, Training for Inspectors, Referee’s, Risk Management, Scoring and Historical information. APBA also provides Event Insurance and approves Event Course Layouts.
FVRC has a five member executive. These five members have many years of experience in Vintage & Historic clubs and boating events. All have been active club members for at least 6 years, three have been Club Directors for 3 or more years, two have been Inspectors for more than 6 years, two have been Referees for more than two years and one has been a Risk Manager for more than 5 years. And, all have been active participants; some have been Directors, in the Classic Raceboat Association (CRA) for many years. A separate document is attached with Names and contact information of the executive.
FVRC has been formed to provide members of APBA the opportunity to bring together multiple generations of boat drivers to enjoy driving their boats in a demonstration environment in Florida and the Carolinas. These owners, drivers and crew bring APBA’s racing history to life by showing their boats to the public at places like Wooten Park.
The past events held in Tavares by the original and successor Classic Raceboat Association (CRA), have provided in water demonstrations, entertainment and vintage race boat history to thousands of people at the Fall and Spring events for the last decade.
The Florida Vintage Raceboat Club wants to continue the successful events of the CRA at Wooton Park. The club executive have participated at the CRA events, (some since its inception), have been Directors of CRA, are APBA qualified individuals and collectively have years of experience in managing and participating at Vintage powerboat events. We look forward to working with the City of Tavares at our event in March.