Purchasing RACEceiver products from the FVRC

  • Price is the same, from RACEceiver or any authorized distributor. (by contract)
  • The FVRC does receive a “commission” for all the RACEceiver products we provide.
  • The FVRC can provide all the RACEceiver products shown on their website.
  • Use the RACEceiver website (http://raceceiver.com) to learn about their products and to make your choice(s).
  • Snail Mail and phone orders may be placed by contacting Dave Richardson. See CONTACT US



The RACEceiver Legend+ with built in Driver Splitter.

The RACEceiver Legend+ is made to use with a 2-way radio. The RACEceiver Legend+ has 2 audio ports and takes the audio from the 2-way radio and routes it through the Legend+ and out so that the driver only has to use one earpiece to listen to both audio sources. It will reduce the volume of the audio from the 2-way radio when the officials are using the RACEceiver frequency and talking to the field, making it much easier to hear the instructions coming from the officials.

The RACEceiver Legend+ has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all RACEceivers have so it can be used at tracks where the RACEceiver is mandated.

The RACEceiver Legend+ comes with a fully enclosed holster, AAA battery, instructions, and a 36 mm male to male coiled cord. You may need an addition adapter depending on your 2-way radio set up.


The RACEceiver Fusion+ with New & Improved Features: Button Lock, Louder Audio, and Narrow Band Radio Compatible

The RACEceiver Fusion+ for Drivers is being mandated at short tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionizing the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track.

Virtually all tracks and series today use frequencies between 450-470mhz, and the RACEceiver Fusion+ handles all of them! They are preprogrammed, just dial up the channel you need to use. The RACEceiver Fusion+ has a programmable default channel so that you can save the channel that your track is using. Also, the NEW button lock feature prevents unwanted channel or volume changes. Its small size, great price, and reception—make it an awesome value.

Your RACEceiver Fusion+ comes with a holster clip, AAA battery and instructions. Be sure to pick the Earpiece that best suits your needs.



The newer RACEceiver Element is Water & Dust Resistant with an internal, rechargeable battery. For Safety and Efficiency, the Race officials broadcast directly to drivers, allowing faster line-ups and restarts and instant notifications of track conditions. Just plug the included USB charging cable into a power source, a full charge should take about 4 hours. You will be all set for the entire day event.

The RACEceiver Element has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all RACEceivers have, so it can be used at tracks where the RACEceiver is mandated. Because it is Water Resistant, it can be used in wet environments, for a variety of different sports!

The Element comes with a USB charge cord and holster.

Packages (See http://raceceiver.com/packages.aspx for details and pricing.)

RACEceiver offers 10 different RACEceiver packages for the Element, Legend and Fusion. The packages include various accessories with a discounted total price.

Earpiece options

RACEceiver has 7 different earpiece options available. See http://raceceiver.com/earbuds.aspx

Custom Earpiece

Custom Earpiece –$149.95

Custom with Lanyard

Earplugs with Lanyard — $109.95

Modified Ear Plug
Modified Earplug — $99.95
Semi-Pro Earpiece

Semi-Pro Earpiece — $49.95

Pro Single Earpiece

Pro Single Earpiece — $39.95

Helmet Speakers

Helmet Speakers — $29.95 (my favorite, work well & never forgotten or lost)

Rookie Earpiece

Rookie Earpiece — $24.95


The FVRC endorses the use of radios to facilitate on course Referee to Participant communication. Radio usage is intended to improve overall Participant SAFETY and can be used to improve heat coordination.

Radio usage is not mandated by APBA for V&H but the FVRC will continue to provide Referee to Participant capability for those Participants who have their own equipment. The FVRC may have loaner equipment available for use upon request.