During the exhibition runs by the vintage raceboats, you will notice that colored flags are displayed on some of the safety boats and also from the dock area. The flags you will see may be green, yellow or yellow/green, black or red.

  • The green flag means that the course is open and running under normal operating procedures.
  • The yellow or yellow/green flag means that there is a problem on the course and to use caution.
  • The black flag means that participants are to return to the pits immediately and safely, staying on course and finishing the lap they are on.
  • The red flag means that participants are to immediately stop their boats by turning the engines off and watch for other signals. The red flag is flown if a driver or passenger has entered the water or if a dangerous situation exists on the course. Red flares shot off by the Referee often accompany a red flag.

Why is there no checkered flag? In racing, the checkered flag is flown for the winners of the race. Remember that the vintage hydroplanes and raceboats are not racing, just participating in laps called “flybys”!