Legend Plus (Raceceiver only)




The RACEceiver Legend+ with built in Driver Splitter.
The RACEceiver Legend+ is made to use with a 2-way radio. The RACEceiver Legend+ has 2 audio ports and takes the audio from the 2-way radio and routes it through the Legend+ and out so that the driver only has to use one earpiece to listen to both audio sources. It will reduce the volume of the audio from the 2-way radio when the officials are using the RACEceiver frequency and talking to the field, making it much easier to hear the instructions coming from the officials.

The RACEceiver Legend+ has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all RACEceivers have so it can be used at tracks where the RACEceiver is mandated.
The RACEceiver Legend+ comes with a fully enclosed holster, AAA battery, instructions, and a 36 mm male to male coiled cord. You may need an addition adapter depending on your 2-way radio set up.


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