Statement from the FVRC BOD concerning the November 2020 Event Status

Several people have asked about our November 2020 event. Will it happen? If so, where are the registration forms? When can we register?…Etc. This is obviously driven by the concerns associated with COVID 19. At this point in time (May 13, 2020), we are planning on moving forward with the event. That said, determination of GO / NO-GO will be made based upon decisions and direction provided by many third-party authorities, in addition to the FVRC BOD. At this point we do not have sufficient information to make any definitive decisions. Here in Florida, Governor Desantis is beginning to open up outdoor activities. Unless [they] have a real spike in viral infections they will continue to allow more activities.

The FVRC has decided to not make any decision on the November 2020 event until we have a much better understanding of the future. We will continue to hold monthly meetings to review current data. We plan to table the final decision until September 1st.