Donor Information

The Florida Vintage Raceboat Club is a qualified 501(c)(3) – Not for Business entity

The FVRC relies on receiving funds from Donations, Sponsors and Members/Participants to run two V&H events each year. The FVRC will provide donors with an acknowledgement letter, as required by the IRS for a qualified 501(c)(3).

There are three general ways to donate to the FVRC.

  1. Individual and Small Business donation, in any amount, which is usually not earmarked for a specific usage.
  2. Event and Club Sponsors: This type of donation generally supports one or both of the V&H Events hosted by the FVRC each year. Jamie Smith and/or Ted Jones will work with each Sponsor to tailor a donation that meets the Sponsor’s business model.
  3. Event Registration donation by a Participant: This is an individual donation that is added to the participant’s Event Registration Application.

For more information, please contact:

Jamie Smith
Phone: 352-450-1172 (Florida) or 705-687-5986 (Canada)

Ted Jones
Phone: 772-263-6743 (Florida)